Unknown Pinney


        This armament was issued to a Pinney living in Bettiscombe, Dorsetshire, England according to Hutchins51. There is no more personal information such as the full name of the individual or the date of issue. The blazon or heraldic description of this issue is as follows:

"Arms - gules,three crescents or issuing from each a cross-crosslet fitchee argent. crest - An armed dexter hand and arm ppr. holding a cross-crosslet fitchee."

         The same coat of arms is described for a Pinney in Burke's Enc. of Heraldry 1844.36 and is as follows:

"Arms - Gules, three crescents or, whence issue as many cross crosslets fitchee argent. Crest - An armed hand and arm proper holding a cross crosslet fitchee."





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