John Frederick Pinney


        This armament was illustrated in a portrait of John Frederick Pinney, the grandson of Azariah Pinney who was involved in the Monmouth Rebellion and exiled to Nevis, West Indies. The image was pulled from the book, A West India Fortune42. The painting has written on it, "John Frederick Pinney of Pylmarsh Lodge, Esquire. Member of Parliament for the borough of Bridport. Died 1762." The blazon or heraldic description of this coat as illustrated would be:

"Gules, three crescents or, issuing from each a cross crosslet fitchee argent."

        John Frederick Pinney never married and built the home "Racedown" in Dorset England, then known as "Pillmarsh." This Racedown is the same home that William Wordsworth lived in for a time with his sister. When John died he gave his estate to a young protege and cousin, John Pretor in exchange for which John Pretor was to change his name to John Pinney, and so the line of the Pretor-Pinney family was begun.





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