My hope for this site is that it could be a single location where people would find valuable resources for researching their Pinney family history. Credit for the name of the site, "Surname Resource," must be given to The Surname Web27. The people who designed that site had a clear vision for what they wanted to do and seem to have accomplished it. This team of volunteers created Surname Resource Centers for many surnames in order to provide a central location for research of each name. People should feel free to correct and add information here. I encourage everyone that visits, to send e-mail regarding information they would like to see or would like to contribute to The Pinney Surname Resource. This will continue to be a work in progress as long as visitors will collaborate in their research of Pinney ancestors.

        I have extensively researched every aspect of my family except my own surname, Pinney. My passion for genealogy lies with the investigative aspects of family history such as tracking down records and histories that verify events. Apparently my grandfather ran away from home when he was still young and made no known contact with his family afterward. The pursuit for his connection to the American Pinneys has just begun and will hopefully lead to the connections with the Pinneys of Britain.

        In the meantime, a central resource for all things Pinney has become very appealing because there does not yet seem to be a place to go for this information. Moreover, the name Pinney is rare enough that one could do justice to it on a reasonable scale. Hopefully this site will not only encourage the pursuit of a name and lineage, but also promote some quality research techniques that would maintain the integrity needed to create a lasting record worth sharing with others.

--Keith Pinney


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