Listed below are links to genealogy databases on the web that contain Pinneys. None of the information in these sources is guaranteed to be accurate and should all be verified through some other form of research. Most of the commercial databases have not been subscribed to by the author, so consider these to be uncertain sources. All of the locations listed below do contain Pinneys. Please feel free to submit any additional links to databases that contain Pinneys even if there are only a few names.
- a commercial genealogy database with some free resources.
Everton's Online Search
- a commercial database only with an offer for one free month of searching by Everton's Genealogical Helper Magazine.
Family Search
- a large database of names that searches the resources of the LDS Church.
Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site
- a commercial genealogy database with some free resources.
- a truly international index to web sites and gedcom files that can be searched and or downloaded.
- an index to approximately 13,000 gedcom files that requires providing GenServ with a valid gedcom file of your own and $12 per year for unlimited searches.
Kindred Konnections
- a commercial database of a miscellany of records including the normally free Social Security Death Index.
- a list of freely searchable databases from
- contains a surname list of others researching the same surname and access to the Social Security Death Index.
Surname Database - CROSS INDEX
- a free index to multiple databases such as vital records listings from the San Francisco Chronicle.
Yates Publishing
- a site with a large database of names compiled by entering data from shared family data sheets.





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