Listed here are a number of links to records of individual Pinneys in personal genealogy web pages and other records. Some of the following sites contain very little information. They have been categorized by the number of individuals at a site that bear the Pinney name followed by the general geography of the Pinneys that are mentioned. Some of the following pages may include only one or two people with the surname Pinney, but there may be hundreds of descendants of that particular Pinney. If there are any additions or corrections to this list please submit them through e-mail by using the button at the bottom of the page or send e-mail directly to the address at the bottom of the page.




Alan J Brown's Home Page (34) UK
Conover Family Genealogy (13) USA
Descendants of Joseph Loomis (61) USA
Descendants of Robert Royce Name List (38) USA
Descendants of Thomas Holcombe (38) USA
Elisha Hulce/Hulse Family (48) USA
Flagg Genealogy (100+) UK - USA
Gene Pool (16) USA
Genealogy in Bloom Township, Fairfield Co, Ohio (10) USA
The Haack Family Homepage (15) USA
The Hoyt Family (19) USA
J H John Peet's Homepage (14+) UK
The "Mary and John" Gillettes (46) USA
New England Families (27) UK - USA
The Palmer's Family History (14) USA
Pinney/Davis Family (21) USA
Pinney Portrait (380+) UK - USA
Sue Andrews Sinclair's Genealogy Database (54) USA
William H. McNitt and Marilyn M. McNitt (20) UK - USA




Ancestors of Emma Jane Bertram (7) UK
Andrew Moore and His Descendants (6) USA - huge download
The Andrews Family Lines (2) USA
The Bankert Ancestry (2) USA
Bissell Genealogy (1) USA
Bradford County Marriages (1) USA
California Pioneer Project (4) USA
The Catley Database - Events from 1825-1849 (1) USA
Claude's Page (3) USA
Clay of Kidderminster, Worcestershire (1) UK
Descendants of Abraham Cummings Jr. (4) USA
Descendants of James Phelps (2) USA
Descendants of John Drake Sr. (4) USA
Descendants of Joshua Moore Blanchard (1) USA
Descendants of Robert Hibbard (1) USA
Descendants of Thomas Graves (1) USA
Descendants of Unknown Steinbeck (1) USA
The Descendants of William Fellows (3) USA
Discovering Our Roots (2) USA
Don's Ancestors (3) UK
Dorset Poll Book for 1807 (2) UK
Eastman Family (4) USA
Enid's Genealogy Home Page (1) UK
The Family of Harvey Moody (1) USA
Family of Johnson (3) UK
Family of President R. B. Hayes (2) USA
First Poole in America (2) UK
Fish Ancestry: Strong Family Line (1) USA
Footsteps From The Past (3) USA
Genealogy in the Heartland (1) USA
Grace Gilgen Family (4) USA
Grave of Barbara Tazewell (2) UK
Grubb, Griffith and Related Families (1) USA
Henshaw, Riggenbach, Thomson, Treece and Tuin (1) USA
Hunter/Laycock (1) USA
Jim Boulden's Complete Family Database (3) USA
Julie's Jenealogy (1) USA
Mark Brodie & Family Genealogical Web-Site (2) USA
Marriage Records from 1830 to 1840 (1) USA
Marston Sicca 1851 Census (1) UK
McComb Kereszturi Home Page (2) USA (1) USA
Mobile Genealogical Society (3) USA
Mrs. B. F. Marsden-Smedley (2) UK
My Family (5) USA
The O'Dell-Gilchrist Connection (1) USA
Ohio River Valley Families Home Page (1) USA
Original Hughes Family Genealogy (1) USA
Our Kin (3) USA
Parsons Family Association (2) USA
Parsons Family Descendancy Chart (2) USA
Pickens Genealogy Entrance Page (1) USA
Pioneer Pinney Family (1) USA
Richard Conrad's Database (4) UK  Humphrey Pinney Line
Robert Kline's Genealogy Page (3) USA
Roger S. Roop Genealogy Coverpage (3) USA
The Smith Family Melting Pot (1) USA
So Cal 1902 (1) USA
Somerset and Dorset Queries (1) UK
Somerset Baptisms 1813-1885 (6) UK
Stancliff Family Home Page (9) USA
Strong-Ford (1) USA
Sue B's Home Page (2) USA
Strong Roots in England (1) USA
Tessa Pinney's Family History Page (3) UK
Tulare County Marriages (1) USA
Tylcoat3 (1) UK
West Clarkson Cemetery (1) USA
West Family Genealogy Page (1) USA
Worcestershire | Bredon | War Memorial (1) UK
Worcestershire | Kemerton | War Memorials (2) UK





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