Perhaps the word almanac1 is a stretch, but that was the term that came to mind in assembling this strange array of information. It is interesting to take a look at the number of people that share a surname. This is particularly true when one can look throughout numerous countries. For now this is merely a collection of residential phone listing statistics and business listing statistics for the surname. Please recognize that these are estimates, considering the fact that some people choose not to be listed in phone directories and also that searches for listings through the Internet are not absolutely up to date. Another consideration lies in the fact that these are only household phone listings. If there are 135 listings in Australia for Pinneys then there may be three people in each household. Feel free to contribute other types of statistical information or facts that might belong in a listing such as this. If there are other "British heritage" countries that have been omitted here please suggest them through the mail link at the bottom of the page.







1 almanac (lme-nk, l-) noun. 2.     An annual publication composed of various lists, charts, and tables of information in one field or many unrelated fields1.
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