I have yet to connect my own Pinney family in the United States to either Humphrey Pinney, the immigrant of 1630 or to any other immigrant to North America. The following is an opportunity to see the work that I have done with the voluntary help of many other people, who are mentioned in my Acknowledgments page. These family histories have been converted into web pages using Gene Stark's creative and versatile software called GED2HTML. The content of the following includes the data from a detailed GEDCOM file compiled by me, Keith Pinney. None of the following information has been imported from other GEDCOM or database files, but only through reading sources and collaborating with others to verify information and then entering the details myself.

        I wish to offer all due respect to the families included here. If you or someone you know has a connection to any of the individuals included here, I would appreciate hearing from you and collaborating on further research. If there is some part of the family information linked below that is false or that lists a living family member, please notify me and I will happily remedy the issue.


Descendants of Rev. John Pinney 1622-1705 Dorset, UK


- This family begins with a non-conformist minister who was ejected from his post in Broadwindsor, Dorset. John Pinney's son Azariah was exiled for his involvement in the Monmouth Rebellion and went on to build a sugar plantation that would become the source of a great fortune. This family encompasses a fascinating mix of business, and history.


Descendants of John Pinney 1495-1544 Broadway, Somerset, England


- This is the family that leads directly to the American immigrant Humphrey Pinney. Hopefully people will contribute their own research that ties into this same genealogy. There are many indications that the Rev. John Pinney above is connected with this same family, but no firm proof of a connection has yet been found.





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