12-10-2005 E-mail address updated, message boards page updated and some other basic editing.
09-27-2003 The Australian Veterans pages have been updated with the names of all known participants in both World Wars according to Australian archives and Veteran's Affairs.
09-20-2003 The site has been revived on a new domain pinneyfamily.org.

A few cosmetic changes were made to all of the pages as well as some suggested additions to the Almanac page in the residential listings. The free counter that has been used since the beginning of these pages, decided that they were going to charge everyone using their service in order to make the counter invisible on your pages. As you can see, it will now appear at the bottom of the page.


The links on the Genealogies page were updated because the previous free storage provider stopped offering its services. Rootsweb.com offers free web space for large volumes although they insist on advertising in the space.


The War Veterans page was added as the beginnings of a resource for all Pinneys that were war veterans.


The Almanac page was updated with information on the frequency of occurrence of the surname Pinney in the US Census as well as data on residential listings of Pinneys in the Caribbean.


New statistics for Pinneys in the United Kingdom were added to the Almanac page. The business statistics were updated and a comprehensive number of residential listings were also found and listed. These were found at http://www.ukphonebook.com.


The descendants of Chester Pinney were added to the Descendants of John Pinney 1495-1544 on the Pinney Genealogies page. Chester was born in CT on July 26, 1785 and is a descendant of the American immigrant, Humphrey Pinney.


The page Pinney Heraldry - Bearing Arms has been significantly updated and added to with both researched material and images.







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